A Day in the Life of...

This is who I am.

I can’t even describe how fed up I am right now.

I move out of my dorm this Friday evening. I don’t plan on answering any of my roommates texts/calls/messages after then. I’m done being used. The only time you need me is when no one else is around. Have fun with your boyfriend, you know because I’ve known you for 17 years and he’s only known of you for three (and dated for a one) year. Makes complete sense.


I may, or may not be, wasted right now.


It weird that after all of these years of not talking that we can start and keep a conversation like nothing ever happened. It’s actually a very beautiful thing.


The difference between you and I is that I say things to people’s faces and you hide behind your cellphone all of the time. I don’t “do” drama.